Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj


Words of Shree in the Holy Book

Episode 1

“Resolve to become worthy of what you have have been given”

Episode 11

“The divine knowledge which we have acquired, anybody who wants to test it or experience it, he can do so happily. By whatever means or ways, one wants to take the test, he can do so willfully. But do remember, while mentioning some mysterious signs, our words get stopped or silenced. Whatever has been told, please remember it and it should be kept at that  place only i.e. not made public, for explanations, please do a detailed study.

To give you a glimpse of pure and true knowledge, we have taken control of your inner mind; at this very place, the seed of knowledge starts to germinate”

Episode 12

“Whatever has been told about Son of Man, is being communicated without altering a single word. By swearing by the holy feet of the Great Teacher, all the truth is being told as it is.

The above lines are not words, but they are pure language themselves, it will be clear from the wordings. Do not bring doubt in your mind about a single word, this is being communicated to you purposefully .My holy form is being shown so clearly only to you today. The reason for this is that I love you very much and have great affection for you, hence I told you. Keep this royal secret a secret, today you are being made aware of the true introduction of the Son of Man.

‘Ayanjanti Ma Mudhe

Manush Tanumatrusham’

Believe in these words without any reservations or doubts, because these are divine words. It is incomprehensible to the human mind, but it will be proven    to everybody by experience.”

“We have shown kindness to you and given you bestowments to you, the realization of this fact is clear in your conscience, right? What you got, try to be worthy of it”.

Episode 13

“The age old religion which has come along from the age of Aryans, the form  of this religion has been transformed in this modern age. By mere birth one gets his superiority and authority, a very few are Brahmans, the rest are lowly. As per the system laid down by the Vedas, superiority is not based on birth    but is based on one’s deeds; such is the planning of the Vedas. The deeds   and work of God is for the whole world, it is not for a particular sect or race,    it is nowhere mentioned in the Vedas that the knowledge in the Vedas is for specified restricted people. The teachings and knowledge of Vedas should    not be told to anyone other than few special people, such a restriction is nowhere mentioned in the Vedas. The knowledge told by God, studying the knowledge and acting according to it and doing worship of God. This is the  right of all humans, nobody will be left over, and this is a scheme for everybody. Worshipping Vedas, studying them and acting according to them  are common similar rights of all mankind. This is the teaching of true pure religion, the roots of all religions is in the true religion. All religions, all sects are the corollaries and derivatives of this true pure religion, such great is the true pure religion told by the Vedas”

“We are expressing a little revolting opinion; today’s Sanyasis appear to be fake to us, mere imposters

As per Vedas, Sanyas is different, to be free from the vicious cycle of life and death, birth and rebirth, is the true Sanyas laid down by the Vedas. The idol of such Sanyasis was Lord Datta, he wore the thread of threading ceremony, but he did have any attachments. This is true Sanyas, the ones who wishes for upliftment of others and has deep and pure longing for it. How many are     really troubled by this longing and desire? Such is the state of today’s Sanyasis. Looking at this state, we had to invent and find new way of   following religion. The authority of tell about religion comes only after achieving Sanyas, such are beliefs laid down by religion. One cuts his hair at night and then chants Lord’s name, if Sanyas is achieved by doing this.   Then we do not see any difference between a Sanyasis and a mad man, there is no such difference in the eyes of Law, but there is a difference in the eyes of religious spirituality. One gets the births and rebirths by his acts in this world, when these chains are broken automatically on their own”

“We have expressed different opinions at different times. Sometime we told the way of Prayer to somebody, we told the way of Acts, we told the way of  Self study to somebody. These ways of life are told based on the readiness and the mental state of the followers and he is told the way which is best suited    to him at that time. This divine knowledge which we are narrating, we did not have to do a lot of study and meditation for achieving this. The reason behind this is that in one of the previous births, we did very hard meditation and penance. Hence we achieved the ultimate goal; to say this we have proof with us. To get the revelation by God, we did not have to do any self study or meditation”.

Episode 17

“Our life is filled with revolution from birth, we can see it very clearly. Even though we did not wish for it, we got committed to some events and happenings, our wishes were something else.  Our personal thoughts were in one direction, but the Godly divine events were completely different. Our birth place is Bengal Khadagpur, but our place of work is Pragyapur, birth is in the family of landlords, but profession is of establishing religion. Study of modern knowledge, preaching and direction of old religious Vedas, the teacher who gave direction for religious study and teacher who have direction for salvation are different. Study and worship is not molded from a specific mold, not only these but many such instances can be narrated in this context”

“Ask for something from us which is realistic, you will be uplifted.     I am waiting here to give, but where are people coming to take it?”

Episode 19

‘”We do not tell anybody of do not wish to tell anybody. ‘To drink holy water from the hands of any specific individual, if the God wants to give a message through us. He will give happily and tell the message; we are mere    servants of the Almighty.  If someone had an experience of divinity at our place, we make efforts to step away from it. Because everyone has to do his own upliftment, not to treat us as their teacher, this thought we told to many.   Many have accused us of not being their teacher and many see unhuman powers and strength in us.  Divine miracles were experienced by many, even    if these events were true, it is not our doing. The Godly acts which happen, we are not the doer of them, we are mere the means”.

Episode 21

“Still you feel like going to the temple to take sightings? We have not kept    any Gods remaining in the temples anymore, all Gods are here only”.